News Update: HERN Helping Homeless Youth

By | Ciara Speller

Homelessness in Boston is at all all time high, and it’s not just adults that this epidemic is affecting.

There is an estimated number of 4,000 homeless students currently enrolled in Boston Public Schools this year, and the Homeless Education Resource Network has been helping these displaced youth in the area since 1992.

Mary William, HERN Program Director, says that when the program first started the numbers were much lower, by the hundreds, and have recently spiked.


“We provide some support, as best as we can. We go to she shelters at night to do some homework help, and we also provide resources to the parents,” said William.

The impact that homelessness can have on the ability to learn, is also a problem, and William says that the children “function” as best as they can, but they endure a lot on a daily basis, which makes learning harder.

To learn more about homelessness and the work of HERN, visit





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Ciara Speller

Ciara Speller is currently studying for her Masters Degree in Journalism at Emerson College. She recently graduated from Salve Regina University with a Bachelors Degree in English Communications and a Minor in Theatre Dance. Ciara started her writing career in middle school, beginning with poetry and has had poems submitted to Pine Tree Poetry. Her writing career carried over to high school, where she frequently wrote for the Pioneer, her school paper. Her senior year of high school she became highly involved with broadcast, and took on the title of Senior Broadcasting Editor in 2010. She continued writing at Salve Regina for the Mosaic Newspaper and contributed in making the first student run online broadcast. Ciara also took on the role of Broadcasting Editor for the Mosaic in 2012, as well as the news correspondent for SALVEtoday. In the summer of 2013, Ciara interned with WMUR channel 9 news as an associate producer, as well as ABC6 in Providence, Rhode Island . Although Ciara enjoys writing, her true passion is broadcast. She hopes to one day achieve a successful and lucrative career in the broadcast field as an entertainment or political correspondent.

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